Socially conscious internet solutions for education, international development, environmental preservation, and small business.

a socially responsible choice

  • We specialize in working with nonprofits, small businesses, and independent artists.
  • Our servers, managed by, run on 100% wind power.
  • We buy local, and we reuse and recycle.
  • We believe in science, and respect the rigors of the scientific method.
  • We are skeptical of modern media, while recognizing the power of those media to shape human societies.
  • We are inspired by good stories well told.
  • We want to make our world a slightly better place to be, for as many people as possible.

about EB

Eric Bourland, Principal, LLC

Eric Bourland, Principal,

Eric earned his master's degree in writing from Syracuse in 1993. He has been the principal of LLC since 1995. He lives and works in the DC metro area.

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