How do I use Google Drive to manage documents for my web site?

It can be useful to use Google Drive to manage documents for your web site. Google Drive is free and simple. You should make Google Drive a part of your internet toolkit. You will find it is very handy. Let’s talk more about Google Drive. I’ll keep it brief.

Hang on, buddy. I am not convinced. Why should I use Google Drive?

Google Drive offers advantages.

Maybe the main advantage is, you get a lot of storage space. You can upload documents to Google Drive till the cows come home and you will not run out of space.

Using Google Drive ensures worldwide availability of your documents; easy remote management; file and web site security; and (most important) almost unlimited space in which to store and organize documents.

OK, so how does this work?

Overview: upload a document to Google Drive; share the document; copy the embed code for the document; paste that embed code into your web page using the familiar TinyMCE page edit interface.


To upload a document to Google Drive, follow these steps:

  1. log in to your Google Drive account at (use your Google credentials to log in!)
  2. click the Upload button
  3. find the document you want to upload (probably on your computer hard drive)
  4. upload it
  5. one more thing — important! — ensure Google Drive album visibility is set to “Limited, anyone with the link”