How do I use Google Album Archive to manage images for my web site?

I recommend that you use Google Album Archive to manage images for your web site. Google Album Archive is free and simple. You should make Google Album Archivea part of your internet toolkit. You will find it is very useful. Let’s talk more about Google Album Archive. I’ll keep it brief.

Hang on, buddy. I am not convinced. Why should I use Google Album Archive?

Google Album Archive gives you advantages.

Maybe the most useful advantage is, you can upload an image to Google Album Archive, even a very big image straight from your camera card, and then Google Album Archive gives that image right back to you … in different web-site-friendly sizes.

Why should I be excited about that?

Here’s the problem. You can’t just drop an image into your web page. You have to make sure the image will fit in that web page. If you take a big 4800-pixel image with your camera and put it on your web page, that image will stray far beyond the borders of your web page template, and will take a long time for your readers to download. Google Album Archive solves that. Upload your image to Google Album Archive, and then Google Album Archive offers the image back to you in five common sizes for web page display:

  • 144 pixels wide (best for small images!)
  • 288 pixels wide (use this size for most of your web site images)
  • 400 pixels wide
  • 640 pixels wide
  • 800 pixels wide (use this size rarely, and only if you have a wide scene you need to display)
  • You can also fine-tune image size if you need a specific pixel width in an embedded image

What else is useful about Google Album Archive?

You get a lot of storage space. You can upload images to Google Album Archive and probably you will never run out of space. You can organize your images into folders (I recommend doing so). There is also a very useful online image editor called Creative Kit. If you want to crop an image, or edit its colors or light, then use Creative Kit, which is like a simple, free, online version of Photoshop.

You can use Google Album Archive to place perfectly sized, professional-looking photos in your web site.

OK, so how does this work?

Overview: upload an image to Google Album Archive; copy the embed code for the image; paste that embed code into your web page using the familiar TinyMCE page edit interface.


To upload an image to Google Album Archive, follow these steps:

  1. log in to your Google Album Archive account at (use your Google credentials to log in!)
  2. click the Upload button
  3. find the image you want to upload (probably on your computer or camera)
  4. upload it to an album
  5. one more thing — important! — ensure Google Album Archive album visibility is set to “Limited, anyone with the link”
Select an Image Size

Select an Image Size

Important! You should organize your images in Google Album Archive into Albums. This is the trick to using Google Album Archive effectively: Stay organized. Create Albums and organize your images into those Albums.

  1. find the image in the album
  2. copy the embed code from Google Album Archive — copy from the “Embed image” field, as shown below
  3. paste the embed code into the Image URL field in the TinyMCE editing interface

To embed an image from Google Album Archive in your web page:

Double click on the image in your Google Album Archive web album. Look at the right side of the screen and find the instructions to Link to this Photo. Notice that I checked the box that says “Image only (no link)”.

Choose an image size from the dropdown menu. Then highlight and copy the code in the “Embed Image” field. Paste (Ctrl-V or Apple Key-V) that code into the Image URL field in TinyMCE.

It might seem tricky the first couple of times you do it. But keep encouraged. Pretty soon you will be a Google Album Archive expert.